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How did you first react to the necessity of doing distance training?

T.A. – When you’re used to meeting your students face-to-face, the idea of changing for distance training via videoconferencing to keep the courses going only appeared as a temporary response to the times we’re going through.


E.D. – The proclamation of the lockdown was a shock for the freelance teacher that I am, being used to share a little training time with my students every day and also my feeling of satisfaction on noticing the progress they make.

R.C. – I need to admit I was a little reluctant to the idea of distance training at first. My prior experience with Skype connections was rather mitigated and I thought that having a screen between us would somehow cool down the relationship between the students and me.

blended learning

What were your main apprehensions prior to doing distance training?

T.A. – I’d used this type of tools before but for personal, not professional purposes; which of course aroused some inhibition in me.


E.D. – This Friday 13, concluding a very uncertain week… In just a few hours, everything planned got cancelled… And suddenly, you find yourself at home, with plenty of questions – about Covid, about what’s next, how to organize yourself and adapt…

The weather’s nice, there are things to do inside the house and in the garden, but this is clearly no holiday…

We can be thankful that this Covid crisis, which is all about quarantine for sure, doesn’t necessarily mean isolation for that. So, you step out of your comfort zone and you start seeking ways to get organized.

distance learning

How did the students respond to the distance training sessions?

T.A. – Surprise!!! As I saw the smiles showing on the faces of those connected during the classes, I realized that in front of the screens, there were only people who – exactly like me – were seeking to move forward!


E.D. – After a week, I got the thumbs up to resume the courses by Skype. I’m lucky to have among my students people who use Skype for teleworking purposes so it was easy for them.


R.C. – 3 weeks into the lockdown, I’m pleased to report that the success is total. The lessons haven’t lost an ounce of quality: the visual contact remains warm and the chat box allows me to take plenty of notes that will be exploited during the next classes. As to the technical issues, they’ve been marginal.

blended learning

What’s your opinion about the distance-teaching experience?

T.A. – Today, I’m happy and proud to be able to deliver the training offered by EVAtraining and contribute to giving everybody – whatever their location and conditions – a chance to have continued access to teaching and learning

E.D. – After a week, the courses started to resume one after the other. It’s hard to speak about ‘distance’, these sessions have made the groups even stronger! The presence rates are excellent and the interactions are not hampered by technology. The sound is clear, we can even share video sometimes and I can write comments, share .pdf files, send recordings, send and receive exercises. It’s as interactive as it can get. And how pleasant it is to get to meet once or twice a week! Even more technical subjects like math can be taught remotely. We then share the same screen and the student works on Word.




distance learning

So after a few successful tests and plenty of positive feedback from our students and trainers, we have converted our face-to-face training courses into distant ones, either in the form of individual coaching or in virtual groups on inter- or intra-company models. To do so, we have deployed a catalogue of 340 courses ranging from management & leadership training to office-automation or social-media seminars, not forgetting about foreign-language teaching.


Whether you be a beginner trainer, internal trainer, experienced trainer or teaching freelancer, we can train you to better… train remotely!

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