How to make the most of your language course

language course
  • Review the material covered from one class/week/month/year(?) to the next – this is the only way for memorization and assimilation to be efficient

  • Write short language notes/questions inspired by the situations encountered between the classes so as to have questions ready to ask to your teacher during the next class

  • Increase your practice time, using all possible methods and channels: your teacher, colleagues, kids, husband and/or wife, TV, press, books, computers, self-practice,…

  • If you want to exercise your speaking, and if there is no one to speak with, speak alone

  • Always think of something nice to talk about at the beginning of classes so you can start the small talk and make sure you get to speak about something that really concerns you

  • Use your foreign language every day (including weekends), be it for 5 minutes only, but never allow a day to end without having exercised your foreign language

  • Use the wasted times of the day to exercise what you have just learned: lift, car, corridor…

  • Use short language samples but study them inside out – eg. 2-minute videos, 5-line newspaper articles,…

  • Speak as much as possible in class, under the teacher’s monitoring do not be afraid to take risks or make mistakes and try experiments, the classroom will be your language laboratory

  • Speak consciously, with your brain fully awake and working in full-speed mode as this is the only way to fight fossilized errors and problems

  • Export outside the class what is done inside 

  • Never hesitate to contact your teacher if you need help! 

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