With EVAlingua, you don't just choose a language to learn, you choose what you need to learn and how you want to learn it. 
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Language Training Programme

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language training programme
langauge training programmes
language training programmes
language training programmes
language training programmes
language training progammes

"Very friendly trainer who knows how to motivate students"  - 

James  -  German course for beginners – A2 – Luxembourg-Kirchberg

"Every class has been prepared beforehand and even shortly after the class we get a summary of what we have done that day, which is really helpful to keep track of what has been completed in the class. Also if you miss a class it is very beneficial to catch up on what you have missed."
Ruth - English for advanced users - B2 - Gasperich

Language Training Programs

Upgrade your skills! Boost your level! Our objective is to maximise your speaking time!

Evalingua sets up group language training programmes based on its extensive catalogue of 400 training programmes in all languages!

Evalingua offers proven courses which have helped a great deal of partners from a wide selection of business sectors (IT, law, human resources, to name a few) thanks to:

  • balanced approach between practice and theory
  • knowledge team/trainers
  • practical resources
  • insightful teaching methods
  • useful materials
  • key priorities
  • clear goals and aims
  • end-of-training evaluation
  • mid-course assessment
  • thorough preparation
  • varied and appropriate strategies


EVAlingua achieves the perfect balance between theory and practice for adults learning languages. Adults do not want to go back to the traditional classroom. They need modern, up-to-date and practical strategies and tactics to be able to use a language right and feel that they have managed to express themselves the way they wanted to. Using insightful and proven written, speaking and interactive teaching methods, in conjunction with providing the best resources available for learners, our knowledgeable and experienced trainers know when to focus on the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ and promote the practical aspects of learning.


From the start of the EVAlingua programme, the learners are given clear and reachable goals with key priorities and milestones to reach. Each course begins with the list of objectives, followed by a mid-programme assessment and an end-of-training evaluation based on the CEFRL Can Do’s.


From improving your English to land the job you want to boosting targeted language competences to improve your leverage in meetings, from getting ready for overseas travelling to giving a presentation in front of an audience, EVAlingua is the right solution for you!

As a training or HR manager, do you know that "private sector companies that are legally based in the Grand Duchy and carry out most of their activities there can obtain training support worth 15% (taxable) of the annual training investment"? Get more information about it.

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