E-Appraisal Management Training

Appraisal Management E-Training

Reference: EVAleader E-17A / Duration: 5 sessions of 1h30  

Pré-requis /public: This training programme is targeted at employees, independent workers or people looking for a job (use special promotion code -JOB- when contacting us). It concerns private workers and public workers.   

The appraisal is a special time between an employee and his/her manager, giving them the opportunity to exchange feed-back and points of view. Designed to be of high benefit to both participants for career management and organisation development, this course is highly recommended to every appraiser. The participant will exceed expectations in terms of short-term evaluation and year-over-year growth to deepen career evolution and long-term personal development.

Learning objectives:  

  • Know how to distinguish between evaluation and evolution 
  • Know how to use reformulation, analysis and commenting techniques 
  • Know how to identify what is outside the scope of yearly appraisals (meetings, reframing, ‘cronyism’,…) 
  • Know how to make yearly appraisals a part of the organization’s internal communication system 
  • Know how to set the ultimate goal of an appraisal 
  • Understand the benefits of appraisals for the 3 parties involved (employer, employee and organization) 


Methods: Trainer input, ‘discovery’ and/or ‘questioning’ methods.                     

Techniques: illustration by examples, role-plays, active/inactive approach, repetition. 

Strategy: Deductive and/or inductive strategies. 

Means: Adapted and authentic training material. 

Validation methods: Formative and summative assessment – Session follow-up report & Final individual training report.

Venue: Distance training in synchrone mode - Guidance via WEB-CONFERENCE software.

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