E-Train the Trainer Training


Reference: EVAleader E-4A / Duration: 10 sessions of 1h30  

Prerequisites / Target audience: No specific prerequisites, this training programme is targeted at those having to train other people in the public, private or associative sector.

Whether already an occasional trainer or totally inexperienced in the field, this training course will provide you with the keys to getting access to the various fields which make up this patchwork of a job. The trainer will outline for you the different types of audiences and trainers. Practical advice, tricks and tips and real-life situations will allow you to start using the toolkit given to you during the course. After this training, you will be able to create your own training programmes, teaching and assessment material. Informing is one thing, training is another: you will get to learn how to teach and pass on skills and knowledge to others. 

Learning objectives:  

  • Know how to identify the different trainee types/profiles 
  • Know how to transform authentic material into teaching material  
  • Know how to identify the different parties involved in a training project    
  • Know how to use the different training delivery techniques            
  • Know how to catch an audience’s attention 
  • Know how to set up monitoring and knowledge-acquisition/assessment tools 
  • Know how to define the key concepts of adult training (skill, requirement, method, approach, tool, programme, centration, guidance…) 

Methods: Trainer input, ‘discovery’ and/or ‘questioning’ methods.                     

Techniques: illustration by examples, role-plays, active/inactive approach, repetition. 

Strategy: Deductive and/or inductive strategies. 

Means: Adapted and authentic training material. 

Validation methods: Formative and summative assessment – Session follow-up report & Final individual training report.

Venue: distance training in synchrone mode - Guidance via WEB-CONFERENCE software.

Training for Executives