Remote Management Training

remote management training

Reference: EVAleader 26A / Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites / Target audience:  This training programme is targeted at employees, independent workers or people looking for a job (use special promotion code -JOB- when contacting us). It concerns private workers and public workers. 

Today even more than ever, remote work is turning into normality. This course has been specifically created for everyone who has to work in a remote team/project and manage it efficiently.  

Learning objectives:  

  • Know how to overcome personal reluctances to remote work
  • Know how to identify success factors and failures
  • Know how remote work fits into the global organization strategy
  • Know how to choose to most appropriate tool and make the best use of it
  • Know how to use NICT’s to your advantage
  • Know how to create and use KPI’s to manage the team with efficiency
  • Know how to improve caring ability
  • Know how to develop a leader’s attitude

Methods: Trainer input, ‘discovery’ and/or ‘questioning’ methods.                     

Techniques: illustration by examples, role-plays, active/inactive approach, repetition. 

Strategy: Deductive and/or inductive strategies. 

Means: Adapted and authentic training material. 

Validation methods: Formative and summative assessment – Final individual training report.

Venue: In our training rooms or on your premises.

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